product features

The Frunk is handcrafted with selected materials.
The substructure is made of aluminum and mounted on precisely fitting rubber buffers.
The luggage trays are made of the robust, environmentally friendly raw material polyethylene regenerated material.

The edges are sheathed with metal-integrated piping. In addition, the front edge of the larger luggage tub is protected against deformation with a wide aluminum plate if you have a rigid charging cable.


The heat resistance is 80 ° C and the melting point at 130-145 ° C.

Due to the accuracy of fit, the frunk closes almost with the hood, so no annoying cover is necessary.

gallery/bildschirmfoto 2019-07-28 um 13.12.45

AC charge
8 hours
12A current
Outside temp .:
27 degrees C.
Charge level 46-79%

Thermal image test with Frunk:
Thermal image test without Frunk:

AC charge
9 hours
12A current
Outside temp .:
29 degrees C.
Charge level 19-59%

The results of the thermal imaging tests show that there is no additional heating of the motor parts or the AC charger!

Comprehensive test and many kilometers driven confirm the universal application possibility.


See also the thermal image test

gallery/bildschirmfoto 2019-12-09 um 21.03.56
Photo of the interior with closed hood