Hyundai Kona

1. Pull off the engine cover

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2. Put on the box: (keep order)
- for position 1, the box must be threaded under the front edge of the engine compartment
- By pressing on the rubber buffers, this engages the spacer bolt

installation instructions

1 pair (2 pieces) Lifter for the hood / "Hoods Lifter / Hoodlift"
Fits the Hyundai Kona EV
The lifters are supplied with mounting hardware and mounting instructions
Easy installation and great appearance (without drilling)


Hood lifter
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- Remove the engine cover
- Fitting the front cargo area trough with precisely fitting rubber buffer attachments
- Insert the charging cable, breakdown triangle, etc. and the trunk is free for luggage!

The Premium front loading space tub is equipped with edge protection and anti-slip mat. Since the Frunk Premium almost closes with the bonnet, there is no annoying cover.
The Frunk Standard is a commercially available plastic container. The lid is equipped with a lock and hinges.
In both variants, no changes are necessary on the vehicle itself. There is space for air circulation between the charger and the front load compartment.
Before a service, the tub can be removed again within a few seconds to reinsert the original engine cover.

Dimensions Frunk Premium:
Front loading box: approx. 58 x 28 x 12-19cm LxWxH (33 liters)
Rear loading box: approx. 48 x 28 x 5-17cm LxWxH (20 liters)
Total volume: approx. 53 liters
Delivery Frunk Premium:
- two loading trays with substructure
- Anti-slip mats
- without content (charging cable, charger, warning triangle, etc.)

Dimensions frunk standard:
Front loading box: approx. 60 x 40 x 18.5 cm LxWxH (35 liters)
Delivery Frunk Standard:
- Charging box with with lid and substructure

The loading tub was completely assembled and adjusted in its own Kona. Easy-to-understand installation instructions are included.

Both charging trays are designed for the Hyundai Kona EV with and without a heat pump.


55 liter

Frunk Vario

35 liter

Frunk Standard
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installation instructions

Expand your Kona EV loading space in a few seconds:

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Now New:
reduced, specially adapted pressure !!
twist-proof bracket set for bonnet

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